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Counselling Approach

I work with several types of therapies which are customised to each person, best suited to individual needs. Using an integrative approach, leading with person-centred therapies and incorporating CBT and psychodynamic therapies. 

Elaine Rose Counselling Therapies
My Approach

Focuses on your personal worth and believes in your potential and free will.  This approach works to develop a strong and healthy sense of self.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Provides coping skills and tools for dealing with different problems – with a focus on thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affecting our feelings and actions.


Reactions to certain situations may be influenced by past events. This therapy helps you to gain greater insight into how you think and feel, in order to have a greater understanding of yourself and to make more appropriate decisions.

Specialist Areas

Adults (16+)


Elaine Rose Counselling Therapies Services


Self-esteem / low self confidence

Family issues

Career Counselling

Parenting issues


Low mood or depression

Domestic abuse

Personal Development


Working with trauma

Negative behaviour patterns


Coaching / Life direction


I have found that therapy with Elaine has helped me to feel lighter and better able to cope as I can get things off my chest so I don't carry the burden any more than I need to.  I feel that Elaine listens to me, understands me and uses her knowledge and experience to support me, whilst providing the skills to cope.




Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Get in touch

I offer a complimentary initial 15-20 minute confidential telephone consultation, to see if you think you can benefit from talking therapy and whether my services would be right for you. There is, of course, no obligation to proceed with counselling following our conversation. To book a call, simply complete the contact form on the next page.

In Person

Face-to face counselling at a dedicated counselling centre in Finchley Central.

50-60 minute sessions. 



Virtual therapy session, held remotely (using Microsoft Teams or similar platform), or via phone (landline or mobile).

50-60 minute sessions. 


Walk & Talk

Combining therapy with exercise can offer a different kind of therapy to those who enjoy walking and talking the open air.  Route chosen in consultation with the client.

60 or 90 minute sessions.



- In Person / Remote

Hybrid counselling offers the option for a combination of in-person therapy and remote sessions. At times you may like a more intimate and confidential space that in-person therapy offers. At other times you may feel more comfortable with the distance and convenience that virtual therapy offers. Prices are adjusted accordingly.



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